Efficient, accurate administration allows our portfolio managers to focus on achieving your investment goals.

  • The Praemium technology platform enables you to monitor your portfolio on a continuous basis.
  • It provides secure, accurate, up-to-date, easily accessible information on your portfolio’s performance and assists with efficient tax year-end reporting.
  • With your authority, your accountant or tax adviser can be given access to your portfolio through Praemium. Our streamlined, transparent reporting structure ensures great convenience for you.

Peak uses Shaw & Partners and CMC Markets Stockbroking for the settlement of share trades and CHESS registration. This allows us to deal through a selection of brokers; retaining our independence as portfolio managers.
Australian stocks are registered directly in the name of your own personal entity with your own Holder Identification number. International securities on overseas exchanges are either registered in the name of your own personal entity with Pershing LLC or held by the appointed sub-custodians for CMC Markets Stockbroking. All company correspondence is forwarded to Peak's registered address. We undertake the administrative functions of advising the registries of dividend banking instructions and TFNs, dividend collection, settlement of corporate actions and retention of chess statements.
When we establish your brokerage account, we also arrange for any existing share holdings to be transferred to Shaw or CMC Chess sponsorship. As there is no change in beneficial ownership, there is no realisation of capital gains or losses on transfer.
When a trade is carried out on the Australian stock exchange, the contract note is sent to yourself and Peak via e-mail for updating your portfolio. For trades on international exchanges, transactions may be viewed by logging into your Praemium account.
Peak will send you quarterly valuations and performance reviews of your portfolio within 30 days of quarter end. Detailed information such as your cash book, dividend and interest income and capital gains are constantly available within Praemium. At year end, we will provide both you and your accountant with a full report of all your annual capital gains and income details. This ensures that your accountant receives all the information necessary to complete your tax return. We can provide either hard or soft copy - whichever you prefer.
Peak operates under a transparent and highly competitive fee structure. We charge portfolio management fees as a percentage of assets under management. The percentage fee depends on portfolio size and will be agreed with your adviser.

We partner with successful individuals, families, DIY superfunds and ‘not for profit’ organizations to help you achieve your investment goals. We deliver private, trusted advice and match solutions to your needs, wants and circumstances.

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